I got my belly button pierced three weeks ago and my ball wasn't tightly on. After I loosened it, I dropped the ball and lost it. Now I can't get another ball on it for another hour or so. Will my hole close or should it be fine?


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Hold up, so only the ball is missing but the bar is still in?

As long as the piercing is still in, then I can't see how you'd have a problem with the piercing closing.

The only issue is the bar falling out (which will likely happen if you're walking around without the ball securing it.

Maybe put a plaster or some tape over it to hold it in place until you can get hold of another ball?

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Jenni McBride
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well it ended up closing an the top a little cuz i ended up waiting 3 or 4 hours before puttting it in but every time i walked it would fall out so no i didnt keep it in but thanks for the help

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