Which colour is more likely to match a short white dress - red or ivory? 


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Choosing the colours that will bring an outfit to life is a very subjective art. Thankfully, when you've chosen a short white dress, it's hard to go wrong. Ivory and reds of all hues will sit happily with white. So, the question is really, what overall affect would you like to achieve? 

White with Red

White with red is a dramatic, eye-catching look. Choose a raspberry red for a slightly softer look, or go for vibrant scarlet for something more fairytale. A red velvet is lovely for Christmas time and a red lace introduces instant sexy sophistication.

White with Ivory

A more subtle, elegant choice, white with ivory is clean, fresh and beautiful. The two shades enhance one another and flatter pretty much every skin colour. To add interest and depth to the outfit, play with textures. Pleats, silks, organzas and lace all add extra intrigue to a dress with a retrained colour palate.

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