What Colour Pants Match A Pink Shirt?


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Picking the right pants to match a pink shirt can be tricky. I guess it really comes down to what shade of pink you're planning to wear.

In my opinion, black pants are a safe bet because they go with pretty much any color - and denim is also pretty neutral.

However, for more of a statement, you may want to go for white pants or a darker color like gray, navy, or indigo.

What color pants to wear with a pink shirt? When you think about it, it's actually easier to come up with colors NOT to wear with pink:

  • Double pink is probably too much, so best avoid the pink trousers.
  • Bright colors like green or yellow will make you look like you're a 7-year-old.
  • Brown will provide too much contrast between top and bottom.
Going for something neutral like black, grey or denim is probably the best idea.

Wearing a pink shirt means there'll already be a lot of color in your outfit. You'll need a more toned-down hue of pants to balance your look.

Just because your pants are neutral, that doesn't mean they have to be boring, though! Wearing jeans or black pants will mean you can have fun accessorizing, without the risk of your outfit looking too 'busy'.
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Jeans or tan pants.
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Brown, gray, black, navy, white or beige/khaki would all look nice with a pink shirt.

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