Which shoes would be more suitable for matching a white wedding dress? Are red ones too bright?

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I prefer the traditional white. But the red are nice. A rich burgundy perhaps ? Or if there's red in your flower bouquet ....perhaps match that red. These days anything goes even sneakers.

I think that you should concentrate on comfort too.

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It's your wedding and you should be able to wear whatever you would like
to wear, without worrying about what other people think of your choice
of shoes.  Traditionally, brides wear white shoes with a white dress,
but again, you can wear whatever color you prefer on your favorite day!

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I think red or white is best choice, like the picture below:

Pictures quoted from Fool’s Day Fashion Funny Socks

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i read the book one time and the lady was on her way to be married to the man and she had a special shoes on with her dresses and the shoes was made of glass and then when the night was over she lost the shoe and the man she married founded her and made a give to her of the shoe.

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