I'm a girl that's been using melacare for 8 months. I had black spots on my skin too, but managed it with turmeric powder, honey and redwood.. 
Now I want to stop using this cream without losing the skin tone it's given me.. How do I stop using Melacare with out loosing my fair skintone?


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Lemon juice and egg white have natural effects on blemishes and darkened patches of skin. You can usually find exfoliants containing these two ingredients, and they should be able to keep you skin looking young and fresh.

It seems you know quite a bit about natural solutions considering you've already tried out the unlikely combo of turmeric powder, honey and redwood.. So I'd say keep going down a similar route rather than putting more chemicals and corrosive material on your skin (which is what a lot of these "miracle remedies" consist of).

Also be careful of this brand Melacare. One must only do a search on Google Images to see some horrendous and shocking side-effects that this ointment has created.

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You just need to stop. Using a simple face wash would do the same trick in restoring your skin's natural and smooth complexion. A good face wash will keep your skin looking fresh, any other acne problems can be treated with either concealer (applying concealer means you hide it which in return stops you from touching it and getting bad bacteria all over the affected areas), or a good acne cream (careful no harsh chemicals) but if you aren't too prone to acne then you don't need to do anything. Just maintaining the right and healthy lifestyle could make all the difference to your skin

Especially water! Water really vitalises your skin and repairs it from the dry pores. Your colour of skin cannot change unless you use some special cream, however once you stop using melacare your skin will slightly change in colour and will restore itself, however this is a good thing. Your skin can change colour environmentally, you don't need creams and treatments to do that. However crystal clear solutions are very good at skin repair, it's a bit pricey but they work wonders on your skin... This is because they are pure products, and only have the purest solutions within them. You should try them out but first visit a skin specialist or deals with this everyday. They will know best. Bad broken skin may not react well to specific treatments. Good Luck

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lemon juice with sugar, as long as you exfoliate with an acidic base it should stay fair, so orange juice cane sugar or grapefruit and sugar, you can also wash your face with a lightening face wash (most asian face washes do lighten skin) and you can do a "peel" lemon juice and uncoated aspirin crushed you rub it on your face and let it sit for 5 mins and wash it off.

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