I am using Melabest cream - it has the same composition of Melacare? I heard that if you stop using the cream, your skin turns darker than before. What should I do? Should I continue? Is there a better cream I can use?


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If you're not seeing any benefits I would probably stop.

I started off using a similar cream called Megablast, and I had lots of problems!

The main one was that I just couldn't get the color to remain a consistent color: It looked patchy and very unusual. Part of my legs, thighs and buttocks still looked VERY dark - but patches become super white.

The problem with skin lightening cream

So I quit using it for a while, and I don't think it has made my skin any darker, but I still haven't seen the white patches fade yet - so I will keep you posted on that.

In the meantime, I'm thinking of trying a few other creams that will help me make my skin a little lighter. I want to ideally go from a Kelly Rowland to a Beyonce (or lighter!)

Melablast, Megablast and all other skin-lightening products come with a big risk. Don't go blaming me if it doesn't work for you. Just make sure you reply with a comment to let me know how you guys got on.


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I tried to use Melablast Cream to lighten my skin and then I was left with blemishes and black marks once I stopped. As of yet I have not found a product that will remove them, but I am considering surgery.

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