Hi! I Am Using Mel Aglow Cream For 5 Months , What Is The Side Effects Of This Cream?


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This Indian skin cream is used to lighten the skin, so it may have some side effects if you use it for more than a month. After all, these sorts of lightening creams often contain chemicals that may be harmful to the skin or body after an extended period of usage. The best way to stay safe is to follow all package directions as written; remember that you are using a medicated cream, and you must be careful.

  • Other side effects

Side effects of using the cream for too long may be rashes, thinned skin, and uneven pigmentation. However, according to some product reviews online, the Melalight and Melaglow line is just not that effective, so the biggest negative drawback or side effect of using the creams and toners may be the fact that they don't deliver the results customers were expecting.

  • Skin lightening is tricky

It's not that easy to lighten darker skin - often, patchy results, dryness, or insufficient lightening can result from over the counter creams. However, seeing a dermatologist is really the best way to access skin lightening potions with enough active ingredients to make a visible difference. For example, most drugstore brands, no matter how expensive, will only contain very small amounts of active ingredients - by keeping these amounts low, the company or manufacturer has less chance of being sued for side effects, such as burning of the skin, or dark and light patches.

However, since concentrations of active ingredients are so low, it's very difficult to know exactly how a product will work. When you get cream from a dermatologist, it will have far more active ingredient, which is safe, since you are under a doctor's care. If you really want to lighten your skin effectively and safely, you should seriously consider seeing a doctor who specializes in treating skin conditions and helping patients to get the look they want.

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