Why are my jeans always loose when I wear them? I am a size 4 in jeans. I have a 24 inch waist if you want to know.


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Hilary Newton Profile
Hilary Newton answered
It maybe that the denim is not of good quality or that you have lost weight, i prefere victoria Beckham's line in jeans the never get baggy but are expensive,
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Ray Ottewell answered
Well you have told us your waist size, maybe its because you have small hips that they are loose. Can you get size 31/2
J-- C-- Profile
J-- C-- answered

My wife has the same problem. She found switching to "curvy" style jeans works better (as they have a smaller waist than hip).

Most jeans that are regular fit, my wife has a gap at her waist that I can stick my arm in (not small).

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Janey answered
Some jeans are of a loose fit design even though they look skinny in the store.
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Maryan Abdislan answered
Lol i think u should get a size 3 but i think that ur waist is ok so no worries on that all i have to say is get a small size hunn! :)
millicent williams Profile
I prefare tight jeans they realy do things to some women. But it takes me an age to find ones that fit properly.I think it a case of keep on trying different labels.

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