Would You Wear Clothes From A Discount Store?


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Gene wright Profile
Gene wright answered
Ya bet ya. Man, can you find deals.  Here in Mt. Home, AR, we have LOTS of retired folks and when the husbands (especially) die, the wife drops off NEW clothes the men have never worn.
We have discount stores all over. We buy alot of shorts for summer wear at $1-$3 BRAND NEW.
John Profile
John answered
The truth is all clothes are from a discount store.that is how they are sold in bulk.my boss had a home business selling clothes from other businesses that she would find high end clothes for hardly nothing and then sell them on the internet.i have a pair of 120 dollar italian shoes that i bought for 20 dollars and i bought five nascar jackets from pinnacle for 5 dollars each and then gave them away as gifts..so if you can find the right clothes i say why not. I also bought geoffrey bean wallets for 3 dollars each that normally cost 30 dollars and they still had the original price tags in them with the gift boxes. You can't hardly go wrong buying for less. One i wish i would have bought was a leather jacket with a zip in quilted liner for 50 dollars/originally 400 dollars.just did not have the free cash at the time.the company i use to work for had all kinds of discount goods from armani to that cook that says bam! Cookware. : ). I could not believe the mark up on this stuff.it's no wonder people can't afford to live now.
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jamie answered
I would wear socks from the local market if that counts
Karen Profile
Karen answered
Sure, what would it matter where you bought the items as long as you liked them?
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I'll wear pretty much anything from anywhere. Unless my job requires something specific I don't think too much about fashion or clothes
Michelle Phy Profile
Michelle Phy answered
If it suits my style & budget it does not matter to me. I do appreciate the finer things in life but nobody is above 2nd hand or discount anything in my opinion.
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yarnlady answered
No,, I buy all my clothes from the Charity Thrift Store. They have the same clothes as the discount stores, after they haven't sold, they get donated, and I buy them.
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Annie Devore answered
I Shop At Walmart And Once In  A While The Thrift Store. As Long As It Is Clean  Fits And Makes Me Look Like I'm A Styling Lady I Don't Care If It Costs 2 Dollars Or 50 Dollars. I Won't Pay Outrageous Prices For Clothes.. Like 200 Dollars Shoes Or 500 Dollar Dress. It's Just Too Excessive. And I'd Be Afraid Someone Would Spill Something On It.. I Can Get  3 Wardrobes For That One 500 Dollar Dress
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Anonymous answered

I've worn clothing purchased at GOODWILL and SALVATION ARMY stores in the USA.
Mike McCarthy Profile
Mike McCarthy answered
As long as they are sold at a reasonable price.  These places have clothes that are just as good as they are when they were new.
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Anonymous answered
Sure, I would and I do.  I buy my clothes at all different types of stores, sometimes even thrift stores if I find something really cool.  I don't care about labels...if I see something I like and I want it, I buy it...don't care what type of store it comes from.

One day I looked down and I had on $500 boots and my outfit totaled about $50 without my boots, watch, rings, & earrings.  I wonder if anyone noticed...oh, never mind, I don't care ;-)
Joan Profile
Joan answered
I have a few things from Wal-Mart and I bought a super coat (really stylish) last winter at a local thrift store.  I must admit that most of my clothes come from a regular retail store.  But, I am certainly not above wearing discount store clothing if I like it.
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Emily Grace answered

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Janis Haskell answered

Absolutely .... And from the thrift stores too.  I'll wear whatever feels and looks good to me.  Spending a fortune doesn't make clothes more appealing to me.

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spink answered
Idk but i dont buy form there and if i did i wouldnt really be something ashamed of but  i wouldnt tell the whole world

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