What Do You Call A Person Who Makes Clothes?


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A woman who sews clothing is called a seamstress, people who design clothes are called clothing designers, a male who makes clothes is called a tailor
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a person who makes cloths

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If I speak in the technical manner I will call it Fashion Designers.They have creative minds and beauty in their hands that they make beautiful Fashionable Dresses which are praised by the whole world.

I love the Fashion designers dresses of one of my favorite brands in the US. They have a wide variety of beautiful dresses collection like Prom Dresses, Short Dresses, Pageant Dresses, Pageant Gowns and many more...

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It all depends on the clothes they make. They can be designers or just producers, maybe. I don't think that people who make something like t-shirts can be called designers. There is nothing to design,  just some basic plain tees ;)

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We can say a cloth designer. But nowadays, prodcut designer tool has got the place of a clothing designer. If you have an online store and you have installed it, you don't need to hire a cloth designer. A customer can design their cloth as they want.

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