For girls do you feel pretty with makeup on?


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Anika Chan Profile
Anika Chan answered

Of course. I love make up but I don't put it on everyday. Most of the time I stay home. I just usually apply light makeup when i go out and full makeup only for special occasions.

Lard Ass Profile
Lard Ass answered

I do! I don't wear a bunch of make up, just a little and it's pretty subtle, but yes, I do like it and I do feel pretty!

Manaswita  Kalita Profile

Of course....:)

Tina Mathur Profile
Tina Mathur answered

Yup! I Feel Very Pwetty! *_*

On a daily basis, I put minimal makeup. But when I am going for outings, I go on for full makeup. There's something so spiritual about my makeup routine which transforms my look from a 7 to 9! Ahaha! :P But it really does! :D I'm obsessed with makeup and love the whole process of dedicating a different slot of time for it. That way I give attention to myself every day, be it even for a few minutes. And, it's necessary to take care of yourself. It's not selfish!:)

But to add, there are many days when I go out without makeup and I still feel pretty. Feeling pretty or feeling happy is an inside job.

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