Do You Wear Jewelry On Your Feet? Toe Rings? Ankle Bracelets?


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terry rossignol answered
I have many ankle bracelets and yes they are gold!!!! Big surprise right?!!
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terry rossignol
terry rossignol commented
oh no!! the heck with the people how son't like to listen to them!!!!
Angela Zh
Angela Zh commented
I love wearing bracelets as anklets! Not sure if anyone else does that too? [: I get a lot of the anklets from my Chloe + Isabel collection! Check it out if you please [:
Bill Cal
Bill Cal commented
I love wearing my toe rings and anklet and would like to see more guys do this also...its GREAT!! guys
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Charming Gurl answered
yes but not that much. I've 2 ankle bracelets. They are made up of silver.
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Wide silver toe ring and 2 ankle bracelets, 1 wide silver and the other American Indian beaded anklet. I think more guys are wearing them.
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I am a guy who wears toe rings all the time and have never had a negative comment! Women love guys who are a bit different and secure in their masculinity. Try a toe ring guys and women will take notice in a positive way!
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I wear a hemp anklet. I see lots of guys wearing them now.
Bill Cal Profile
Bill Cal answered

Yes 3 toe rings and an anklet with 2 charms ....also paint toes.

Most of my life (over 20 years).

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Rick Barbata answered

I wear steel anklets to match steel toe rings. I wear a ring on each big toe and one more on each foot. I dig my feet, they look beautiful, and toe rings look great

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I wear 1 to 4 fitted toe rings. I have only come across a few other guys who do this. No anklets.
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Toe rings all the time - both feet - multiple toes.  Plan to wear a black leather anklet.  Glad to see posts from other guys doing this.
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Yes, I wear an ankle bracelet on the left and a toe ring on the right foot. I also have my toenails polished black.
I think that looks really good and I'm far away from beeing gay.
Never saw another man with jewelery on his feet.

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