If You Had The Money And Wanted To Fix Anything About Your Body, What Would It Be And Why Would You Choose That?


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Dear: I would like to tell you that even if I have billions or millions even then I will never go for making any change in my body because God has made all of us and one has no right to make changes in the things made by God. I will never go for such things.
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I don't even know where to begin!!!!!  I would get bigger breasts first,then I would get a face lift, then I would get my butt lifted, then I would get my thighs liposucked,then I would get laser hair removal on my legs! The answer to why should explain itself!!!!!
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Sounds like we have a lot in common I'd do the same maybe one day we'll hit the jackpot and get the body we were meant to have.
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My freckles, I don't like them
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I would get my scar on my back token away, it looks like a ****..
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I wouldn't make any changes to my body, I like it just the way it is even with it's imperfections. I would invest the money and live comfortably though.
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