If you had to have your knuckles tattooed, what words would you choose, and why?


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I wouldn't get any words, but rather the stages of the moon. I don't know, I guess it represents time. I would have to drop the moon in the middle because of lack of fingers (obviously).

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Faith - Hope

Faith in your own abilities; Hope that tomorrow is the land of opportunity

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First of all I would never get a tattoo, inking your body like that is disgusting! Second of all since you're asking me, I'd have 'Westlife' of course! Now everyone knew that!

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I'd never get a tattoo on my knuckles, as I was at the tattoo parlor last week to be with a friend of mine and he got a knuckle tattoo (the words "F--k you" were to be tattooed on his knuckles). I was there for an hour because he was crying for 25 minutes.

Anyway.. If I was to get a tattoo on my knuckles, it would be the words "Love" and "Hate." Why? Because love has helped me through life and hate has helped me become who I am today.. As bad as that sounds, I swear I'm a good person. Managing the hate for a certain person has helped me mature. 

What would you have on your knuckles, Kass?

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Nikki Ridgerider
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Actually, I think that's wise. It doesn't make you terrible. If you have too much love, people will take advantage of you, and if you have too much hate...you wouldn't have many friends now, would you? So you need to have a balance of the two. (:
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Ahh this question is a little too easy for me... I'd obviously go for the word "Blurtit!"

On the plus side it'd be a great piece of brand promotion, and a cool talking point when I'm out drinking.

The only negative that's stopping me from getting it inked permanently is the fact that the knuckles on my right hand would read "tit!".

So, for now, I think I'll stick to this (hopefully not so permanent) permanent-marker version:

If I really had to get something serious done though, I'd probably opt for my daughter's initials on my left hand (she has 2 middle names because we were indecisive), and her date of birth across the other hand.

However, for anyone reading this and thinking of getting their knuckles tattooed, I'd seriously recommend taking some time out to think about the consequences of getting such a visible tattoo.

I actually really like the look of hand tattoos when they're done properly. But, like a puppy, knuckle tattoos aren't just for Christmas... They're for life!

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I would tattoo "Good" on my right hand and "Evil" on my left. Now most people choose something catchy or meaningful and on first glance mine seems to be, but you'd be mistaken.

In the voodoo religion it's believed that good magic is cast with the right hand and evil is cast with the left. This is why evil is called the "Left hand path". This is why I would tattoo my knuckles this way. So when I'm drunk I can remember which hand to use!

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But which way up?

I mean... In your example Kass it is always upside down to you?! This is my issue with tattoo's in general - who are they for? I would love the word "serenity" on the inside of my wrist but a) I'm a HUGE wuss! And b) which way round?!

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Yo Kass
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Haha yeah I guess get them so that other people see them the right way up. I hadn't considered the implications of that before!
Becca Sibley
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It might just be an excuse not to do it in my case!

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