What Is Shoe Polish Made Of?


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For centuries,  shoe polish have been used by a variety of materials, from
natural substances such as wax started. Modern Home Products KIWI shoe polish
only (Kiwi) invented in 1906, up to now is still the most popular shoe polish
products. Modern shoe polish is usually a mixture of natural and synthetic
materials, including petroleum products, dyes, etc., using simple chemical
refining process. Shoe polish ingredients may carry toxic, misuse can cause
poisoning. Semi-solid shoe polish manufacturing method is as follows: To a
certain ratio of paraffin wax, insect wax, heat and add the full mix of
turpentine; in the other containers will be oil-soluble black (a black dye)
heating and melting, and add a small amount of turpentine, stir well into the
liquid wax, uniform mixing, after cooling Serve black shoe polish.

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