When Did Tattooing Begin?


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The sailor who rolls up his sleeves and shows an arm tattooed with anchors, hearts, and mottoes, is actually wearing a form of body adornment that has been used by the most primitive peoples.Tattooing goes back to very ancient times.
Then Egyptians, Southern Chinese, East Indians and others all knew of tattooing.
In those olden days, the art of tattooing was made to seem important and dignified because it was accompanied by elaborate ceremonies. The Maoris of New Zealand used to cover their faces with very complicated tattooed patterns, and sometimes they still do it today.
In Japan, the practice of tattooing chrysanthemums, dragons' faces, and whole landscapes has gone on for centuries. Tattoo designs used to take the place of clothing for some of the Japanese; The American Indians used tattooing as a way of identifying themselves with certain tribes.
Tattooing has also had, in many parts of the world, a religious and social importance-. Among some peoples, young girls are not considered ready fo

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