Is It Normal For Men To Wear Earring?


3 Answers

It has become more accepted in recent years in the US - people usually won't stare at you just because you have one. Older people are usually less accepting of this than younger people are. Small stud type earrings are the most commonly seen, hoop and dangling types are still considered feminine.

Many employers don't allow male employees to wear earrings at work. Also you should consider the unspoken statement you are making by wearing these. Many people consider men wearing earrings to be anti-establishment/rebel/free-spirited types. Maybe a handy thing if you are trying to pick up girls but not such a great idea for an interview.
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amanda eddy answered
Actually that is the latest fashion one earing or even too.see justin timberlake!!and in india salman khan!!!
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ariel gormus answered
It makes them hott and more manly my boyfriend has tons of pearcings it is no big deal

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