Where Does Josh Duhamel Get His Haircut?


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Josh Duhamel is an Emmy Award winning actor; he is also a former male fashion model. He was born on the 14th of November in the year 1972. He is also very widely known for his roles in soap operas and television. Josh's first noticeable performance was on the ABC's Program called 'All my Children' in which he played the character of Leo Du Pres. His claim to fame also came with the role of the character James Cann…he played the role of a young security guard.

His most notable roles were in the movies: - Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Las Vega and in All My Children. He won the Emmy Award as the outstanding Supporting Actor in 'All my Children'.

After becoming such a well-known face in the Hollywood acting circuit he can pretty much get a haircut from anywhere he wants to.

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