What can i use white eyeliner for? And where can i apply it? Details please! :)


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Maddie answered
You can put it in the waterline of under your eyes (after making sure they eyeliner is clean) and then put black eyeliner underneath the white eyeliner, lightly, and apply more on the lash line of the top lid. Your eyes will probably look larger. Include mascara ;)
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Anonymous answered

You can put it in the inner corner of you eyes (if it's creamy) and blend it. It will make your eyes look awake and bright.

Mary Taft Profile
Mary Taft answered
You can use it on your top eyelid on the lashline and use some light eyeshadow too.
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Maxine Chan answered
You can use it under your eyes for the mod look than apply black eyeliner on top of your eyelids.
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Horse Lover answered
You can use white eyeliner on your waterline to make the illusion of making your eye appear bigger.

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