Do you think that its right for a Mother to spray tan her 4yr old Daughter just to boost her Confidence?,


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Not at all, as this is Beauty makeovers gone mad and maybe a pushy mother as well trying to "keep up with The Joneses" as it were.A 4 year old certainly needs no confidence (my 5 year old twin nieces are proof of that lol ) and they definitely don't need any makeovers or tanning procedures either.It's bordering on  a beauty pageant style obsession.
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I have not heard this story, but blimey this sort of thing is getting out of hand. No it does not seem like the right thing to do,as far as I am concerned, although others might call me old fashioned, and think that its ok to do it.
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Addilynn All Star
No...i wont call you old fashioned i would call you ..someone with high morals and principals...8) if my lil sister did slap her...
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Not really and I don't see how this could/would boost someones confidence unless Mom has absolutely no idea what confidence means
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Addilynn All Star
We dont know what a lot of things means but we can still feel them...a child can feel jealousy without any knowledge what is it..all they know is.." she has something they dont and they dont like it" a child can feel like they're really pretty with a tan and are much superior than other girls since they have "a spray tan" ...thts their confidence or shall i say ego tht flies through the roof..8)
Hilary Newton
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I think that a 4yr old is to young to have an ego, but i do know what u mean addi,
Addilynn All Star
Anybody can have an ego..8)
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No way!!! My granddaughter is 5, and she doesn't even know what spray tanning is!!
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I'm pretty sure that 4 year old girls don't even know what tanning is. I think it's wrong, there are other ways to boost a little girl's confidence, like encouragement and praising, changing the outside is not neccessarily going to change the inside.

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