Has Anyone Got Any Instrustions On How To Make Nativity Costumes?


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You have probably left it  abit late to start making nativity costumes!  Plus it all depends on which costume you need to make: Is it Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the Wise Men, the donkey or even the Angel Gabriel?
If you are stuck it is best to go for very simple costumes.  Mary can just wear a long, very simple dress.  Joseph can also just wear a flowing gown, with a piece of material over his head and tied with a contrasting band.
The Wise Men are slightly different because they were more affluent so should have some 'better' costumes than Mary and Joseph.  Bright colours with a band of gold should be ok for these.  Again, they can just be free flowing robes, since the scene takes place in the Middle East !
Nativity services are usually very simple and just an opportunity for the children to display their talents, so don't get too hung up on the costumes and there is no need for historical accuracy (honestly).
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Along with baking, shopping, wrapping presents, visiting with daughter from Peru and other activities I made about one baby Jesus, nine adult costumes with 10 accessories pieces in about a month.

This is the method I used:
2- 2/3 yards (8 feet) x 2 ½ feet (30) inches for gown. Cut a 8 inch circle in center.

22 inches x 22 inches square for sleeve. Fold in half

Cut a slit down front and bind edges. Hem around neck
pin center of sleeve to gown length center. Sew side and sleeve seams.

I made vests and shoulder drapes belts collars wings etc,

I have been asked to make children nativity costumes this year. I found a McCall's patterns at a garage sale for 25 cents which I am using and is very similar in construction to my homemade pattern.

Simplicity and McCall's have nativity pattern in both children's and adult sizes.
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You can find complete instructions on how to make nativity costumes at Hancock Fabrics and online at their website.

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