Has anyone got any good experience with using Aloe Vera to help eczema?


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I know it can be hard to find treatments for eczema that work. I did stumble across a product that help with eczema/psoriasis, from what I understand it is all natural, 

Search simple sugars for eczema/psoriasis, hope you find something that works for you!

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Kathryn Amis
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Hi Angela - thank you. My grandson who is 6 has eczema badly and I'm just trying to find something that works. I'll certainly search simple sugars and see what comes up. K x
Lard Ass
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Please do, I actually learned of this product on sharktank of all places. A young girl who was afflicted with eczema actually began this for herself because nothing else worked. Definitely worth a look! Hope it works for him!
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You're better off using baby oil. It's designed to be used on the most sensitive and delicate skin that there is, so it's generally less irritating than any other cream.

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Kathryn Amis
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Thanks Kirstie - it's for my grandson and my daughter's tried bably oil and it made it worse - but thanks for the answer. K x

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