Where is a good place that has bikinis that will fit 36 DDD but are still cute and affordable?


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It ant affordable because I'm a double D n mann its so hard to find shirts ma size but I do but I'm glad I got them and ma big booty too because ppl wit big chest n no but looks weird and ppl wit big booty and no chest looks lik they belongs and the crazy house....lol
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Triple D isn't a size, that's probably your problem :p you're either a Double D or an F (:
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Rhiannon Allan
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Ahh, I just meant that would be what the sizes would be listed as 8)
Sunshine Baby
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Okay okay haha well any places you know of that carry 36 F :)
Rhiannon Allan
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Well I'm only in England :$ But if you're from over here too then there's like Bravissimo and Anne Summers that sorta specialise in bigger sizes, and then I think some other shops like New Look and Primark have a range of bigger ones too :) Ooh, actually, i you are American then I think the US have Victoria Secrets (:

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