What brand sunglasses did the men in black wear?


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Why do you make me work? Get dsl dude.

Ray-Ban - RB 2030 - Predator 8 Wrap

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I found pairs on ebay from 4 dollars to 180 dollars so i said to myself self someone isn't telling the truth or they are selling a bunch of different sunglasses as the real thing.so i asked the question. Then i looked at the shipping costs. One guy was selling a 20 dollar pair while his shipping was another 37 dollars. Then i found out that ebay doesn't regulate the potage/shipping cost on the items sold on their site.
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No they don't. But I also saw on ebay, glasses being sold as from the movie set. I'm assuming all the extras they bought for filming. They were like 200.+ , dollars, plus s/h. I do the old 2/3 dollar "biker" shades. They get blown off every third ride anyway. WooHoo for no helmet law.

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