How To Make A Peacock For A Fancy Dress Competition?


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Making a peacock costume for a fancy dress party is actually a lot easier than it might seem at first. The only tricky part of the task is gathering all the peacock feathers, as you will need quite a lot of them. You will also need one yard of blue fabric, one yard of elastic that measures one inch a needle and thread, glue designed especially for crafting, a blank white mask, glitter, sequins, ribbons and cardboard.

  • Step one. Lay your one yard length of fabric flat on the floor and then lay the length of elastic straight along one of the edges of your piece of fabric. Carefully, fold the cloth over the elastic and sew this fold over using your thread and needle. This will encase your elastic inside your fabric. Check that this will fit the person wearing the costume by wrapping it around their waist and pulling the elastic tight.
  • Step two. Using craft glue, attach the peacock feathers to the edge of the skirt. Try and buy as many as possible to make the skirt look as full as possible. When you glue on the feathers, place the piece of cardboard inside the skirt to stop both sides of the skirt from sticking together. Arrange the feathers around the back half of the skirt by placing the feathers about ΒΌ of an inch apart and hold them in place for about a minute until the glue has completely dried. Repeat this process until the skirt looks like a peacock's tail.
  • Step three. Decorate the blank mask with the sequins, glitter and colored glue so that it closely resembles a peacock. Glittery materials are perfect for decorating a peacock mask because they are such proud and flashy creatures. Blank masks are commonly found in most craft shops. Let the mask dry completely before you or someone else puts it on.

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