What Can I Dress My Child As For A Wild-Animal Themed Fancy Dress Competition?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
Ooh, that sounds like fun! The great thing about wild animals as a fancy dress theme is that there are so many colorful and interesting costumes to choose from.

Fierce Animals
I think any fierce wild animals would make adorable costumes for young children. A lion would be cute – you could make a fluffy little mane, paint your child’s face, and add a little tail to the back of their outfit!

A tiger would also be good. Think of the cute little tiger ears you could make! Getting a stripy costume might be a bit difficult, though. A leopard might be easier, as you could get yellow clothing and draw black spots on it with a Sharpie.

A crocodile would be totally adorable. I think young boys in particular would love this – they’d get to have a big green tail attached to them. When your kid stands up, he’d look like a mini Godzilla, and when he lies down or crawls, he’d look like a crocodile. I think this would be particularly good for young toddlers!

Colorful Animals
A colorful animal would also be a lot of fun, and I think little girls might find it particularly enjoyable. If your child likes the color pink, then a flamingo would be a great choice.

A brightly-colored parrot could work too, providing you can get your child to wear a beak for the competition!

Alternatively, you could make a peacock costume by attaching large peacock feathers (either real or handmade ones) to the back of your child’s dress or t-shirt.

A panda would be the easy option, but easy options don’t tend to win competitions! For a panda outfit, all you’d have to do is apply face-paint, sew black sleeves onto a white shirt, put your child in white pants and attach little panda ears to a headband.

Good luck – I’m sure your child will look amazing, whatever you choose!
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I suggest a peacock outfit for a boy and a flamingo outfit for a girl...both costumes would be fun to make, both are fancy, and your child should stand out.
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Penguin child looks very cute, but you say the competition is of wild animals. So, tigers, zebras , baboon, rats are some good wild animal costumes.

A rat dress will look a little boring, and a baboon would look horrible on child. Look for zebras. Your child will look cute and can win the competition.

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