Can Any Guy Wear A Vest, Tank Top Or Sleeveless Shirt? Or Do They Make Skinny Guys Look Gay?


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A skinny guy certainly can pull off the tank-top/sleeveless shirt look!

In fact, I'd suggest that vest tops actually look better on skinnier guys anyway.

Skinny guys pulling off the tank-top look
In my opinion, guys who work out and then walk around in tank-tops look as if they're showing off, especially when the weather isn't conducive to that kind of garment.

If you check out most of the male fashion models who are chosen to wear sleeveless tops, their build is usually on the smaller side. Even those models who look more muscular, like this one here, are more 'toned' than 'buff'.

A good example of a skinny male model pulling off the vest top look can be found in the following All Saints adverts: Rag&Bones, Grey Howl.

In my opinion, there's nothing gay about skinny guys wearing tank tops, although you might be accused of being a 'hipster' - depending on your choice of top. Whether this is necessarily a bad thing is up for debate.
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As long as you're not real skinny but at least have a little bit of muscle.

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You can wear anything that does not offend anyone else and most of all you feel comfortable wearing.

Think about people who do not have arms, you are blessed to have some. Just enjoy what you have, you may be skinny or fat. 

Take care!
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You look gay because you are skinny.  That aside, don't wear things that show that you aren't "manly".  Muscles=man and skinny=feminine.  Sorry, it is the truth, but that doesn't mean you aren't getting the chicks.  Typically, skinny gets more girls but muscles get real women.
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I actually don't care if they are real women or not. What's even the difference when it gets to sex? A real women doesn't stop talking all night?

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