I Have Red Spots On The Palms Of My Hands That Turn Into Blisters Then The Skin Flakes Off All In A Matter Of 24 Hours, What Is Causing This ?


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SidrA Tasneem answered
This blister can be caused out of any physical injury or chemical reaction. It is allergic in nature forming a bump on skin that sometimes fills up with fluid or blood. However you need not touch it physically but it does not requirement any treatment as this allergic bump will burst itself and you will get rid of it soon.
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Lucy Robins answered
Do you have any blisters in your mouth?  There is a thing called "mouth hands and feet" virus.  I had it several years ago and don't remember how my doctor said I got it. But I had little red dots on my hands and feet and blisters in my mouth!!  The best I can remember, it just runs it's course. I had it like 20 years ago!!  I know it won't kill you cause I'm still kickin'!!  Look it up on and see if it is on there.

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