How To Give Your Girlfriend A Wedgie?


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The 'wedgie' is one of the most common schoolground pranks of all time. To perform one, you simply pull on the underwear of a victim so that the garment is wedged between their butt-cheeks.

To perform one on your girlfriend, the key is to catch her off guard, although it may be worth questioning why you'd want to give your girlfriend a wedgie in the first place.

How to give your girlfriend a wedgie

There are three key requirements for giving your girlfriend a wedgie:
  • The first is that she must be wearing underwear in the first place. If she's decided to go commando, then she may have pre-empted and nullified your attempts at a wedgie.
  • Secondly, you will need easy access to her underwear. If she's wearing pants (trousers for you guys in the UK) that are tight-fitting or secured by a belt, it may be difficult or impossible to perform a wedgie.
  • Finally, you will need to catch her by surprise. Very few people will willingly allow you to perform a wedgie on them. To successfully assault your girlfriend in this way, timing and stealth are vital.
Repercussions of giving your girlfriend a wedgie Before you employ your ninja tactics to sneak up on your girlfriend and give her a wedgie, you may want to consider the possible results of your actions. The most obvious is that most girls won't find being the victim of a wedgie that amusing. You may find that giving your girlfriend a wedgie is the last time you are allowed to put your hands on her.

Also, although wedgies are seen as just a harmless prank, there is the potential for serious injury to be caused. If you're really interested in seeing your girlfriend's underwear wedged between her butt cheeks, I'd recommend buying her a thong or g-string instead.

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