What's The Best Way To Give Yourself A Hanging Wedgie?


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A hanging wedgie is one of the worst and most painful wedgies out there!

In fact, I'd recommend you don't even try and give yourself a hanging wedgie - leave it to the immature kids who think it's funny to post videos of themselves on YouTube.

How to give yourself a hanging wedgie If you're determined to give yourself a hanging wedgie, though - the process is actually fairly simple.

You just need to find a sturdy fixing from which to attach your underwear. The most important thing to remember is that, whatever you attach your underpants to, it needs to be able to hold your weight.

Ideally, the fixing will be high enough so that your feet don't touch the ground - a bedpost, a tree, or a coat stand might be the kind of thing you'll need.

Once you've found something to hang from, you simply hook your underwear into place and dangle yourself. It's a bit like hanging your underwear up while you're still wearing it.

Needless to say, you run the risk of doing doing some serious damage to your body from the pressure that a hanging wedgie will place on certain very-sensitive parts of your anatomy!
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Take a really strong belt like a leather belt and grab a chair.

Go to your closet and stand on the chair. Loop the belt through the leg holes and close the strong belt around the clothes rack.

Step off the chair or kick it away, and there: An instant and very painful hanging wedgie!
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You can use many things for example I use this giant metal pole that is 10 feet off the ground and loop it Through my leg holes and push the chair over as far as underwear goes I recommend not only more than one pair but it should be women’s underwear even if you are a guy they tend to be stretchier and they produce more pleasure

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Take the back of your underwear, put them on your bedpost and then hang!
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Take you underwear climb a tree sit on a big branch, put the branch through the hole and jump down. And hang there. And hope the branch breaks!

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