How To Give My Sister A Thong Wedgie?


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I wear thongs when I want to feel a bit more glamorous for my man, and, let me tell you - your sister won't need you to give her a wedgie if she's wearing one. Thongs are like a constant wedgie, anyway!

If you're thinking about giving your sister a wedgie when she's wearing a thong, here are a couple of things to consider:

Giving your sister a thong wedgie
A wedgie is done by hiking the underwear of the victim up, so that pain and discomfort is caused. Doing this to your own sister is downright cruel (not to mention a little creepy)!

Here are a couple of reasons why you shouldn't be giving your sister a wedgie, regardless of what kind of underwear she's wearing:

  1. She could end up being injured in a rather delicate area.
  2. She might tell your parents, and they'll probably punish you (they may even give you a wedgie as punishment).
  3. Your sister might get her own back by hurting or humiliating you.
  4. Giving your sister a wedgie is humiliating and something she'll hold against you for a long time.
  5. People might find you a little strange for wanting to touch your sister's underwear in the first place!
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Lisa answered
Thongs are all I ever wear and let me tell you... You won't be needed for that. Thongs give you a wedgie all by themselves!

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