How Do I Get Rid Of The Oil On My Face?


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Since I am having the same problem, I was told that we cannot get rid of oily skin but we can help ourselves in minimizing its irritation.
Usually oil free skin promising products will help only for a limited time and when their use stopped or lessened, your skin will start showing up again. I would say for any problem attack the roots.
Diet and hygiene is the first thing that will help in getting rid of oily skin. Proper diet includes intake of fruits and vegetables with no oily and fried foods and hygiene includes properly washing and drying face with a skin suitable soap.
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are some tips for controlling oil on face.

Drinking loads of water can help you.

You can control oil through makeup also.

You can try some oil control product.

Don’t use soap for your face.

Try some good oil control product to
control oil on your face. It can also control your acne.

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