How To Make A Home Made Tattoo Gun Out Of An Electric Razor?


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Making a tattoo gun out of a pair of hair-clippers is possible. In fact, it's a common method used by prison inmates to tattoo each other.

As a warning, though, these prison tattoos tend to look pretty bad - so I'm guessing the improvised devices that prison tattooists use may have something to do with that.
Getting a cheap tattoo
Before I go any further with the whole hair-clipper idea, I'd really recommend you take a second to consider purchasing a proper tattoo gun instead.

A tattoo is for life (unless you're prepared to go through months of painful and expensive laser treatment), so I'd recommend making sure the gun you use is of a reliable quality.

If you're looking to tattoo on the cheap, even buying something like the £51.68 tattoo kit on would be better than making your own gun.

Making your own tattoo gun If I haven't managed to discourage you yet, then here's one method of turning a pair of hair-clippers into a buzzing tattoo gun:

  • Secure a 12-gauge guitar string onto one side of the clipper's blade.
  • Attach an empty ink tube (from a Biro pen) to the edge of the clipper opposite the guitar string - you may want to use superglue. Make sure the ink tube is protruding above the blade level.
  • Thread the other end of the guitar string through the ink tube.
  • Cut this end of the guitar string in a way that leaves a really sharp tip. When you turn the clipper on, the string should bob in and out of the ink tube.
  • Dip the sharp tip in a pot of ink and: Happy tattooing!

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