Why Don't Asian Girls Shave?


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Never knew that asian girls didn't shave, Some wax, Some shave. I am asian my mom is asian and my sister is, We all shave and wax so I have no idea what kind of question this is.  Its kind of racist if you ask me
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Pretty much retarded answers guys, good job. Among Asian girls and guys (not those, who have migrated to the west and adopted their customs) girls with unshaven genitalia are seen as pure and innocent, while those who shave are seen as promiscuous, slutty and artificial.
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Why do  you think that Asian girls don't shave?  Do you shave?  Do you brush your teeth? Do you shower?  You may have seen one person with bad hair day, and you're generalising all.  By the way, someone with black hair does not make them asian.  We are of one race, and that is "human".  Chill.

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