What's A Good Name For A Beauty Salon?


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The name given to a beauty salon could depend on what service the salon is offering and whether or not it appeals to a unisex market. For example, if the salon was unisex and was offering a number of different services to appeal to both sexes, then His N' Hers may be a decent name to use. If the salon was aiming at females only and one of the main services offered was nail treatments, but other services were offered, then Much More than Nails could be used. This tells the customers that nail services are available, but also that there are other services available there. Other examples of good names for beauty salons could be the names of popular songs or movies. If the salon was offering haircuts then Blade Runner or Mack the Knife could be used. When naming a salon the most important question to ask yourself is, what you want to say to the customer and what image you want the name to portray. Most people will choose to use a company if it has a catchy and simple name. The name should be able to tell the customer what services the salon offers. Once a few names have been chosen, it could be a good idea to ask friends and familes which they like the best, or even speak to the general public, asking them if they would frequent a salon with a particular name. This will enable you to choose the most popular name from the list you drew up. The name is not the most important aspect of the salon though; the most important factor is how the salon is marketed. Marketing is essential in most business sectors, and there is a lot of competition so any new business needs to attract new customers from the outset. If people like what you are doing they will tell other people, and word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing.
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