What's The Best Perfume For Girls?


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The best perfume is an individual thing. Since we each have different body chemistries, we each smell a little different with each different Cologne or perfume we wear. What smells wonderful on you, may smell like mold on me. I had one that I loved, but after a few hours it 'turned' on me. This was a popular and pricey brand, so it was not a quality issue. Also you need to take into consideration, personal preference. Some people are drawn by floral scents others by spicy ones. Perfume and cologne are just very personal choices.
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This may sound crazy but the scent of hot buttered bread or close to it. Just ask yourself don't guys like hot buttered bread out of the oven and what do you think they do first they smell it first and it draws them right to the dinner table. }:^)B>
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I have found that men like cologne's and such that smell like food, cinammon, vanilla, gingerbread, so fresh hot buttered bread would definitely be a winner.
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Roots I found it the most best of the best but unfortunately it was short in the market due to which I never able to buy, I also strongly recommend gucci.. That's the most awesome and common brand for guys n gals
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I personally like Touch of pink and Touch of sun by Lacoste. I really like the scent. However it is completely an individual choice, it depends on the person.

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This is relative although quite often ladies get a lot of compliments on HOT by Ralph Lauren.  But here's the tricky part....fragrances always smell so different on individuals.  You may smell best in heries of paris hilton ,a light floral scent, where I may find a spicy musk is better for me... It's all relative.  Maybe you need to get a few testers and just play around with them for a couple of weeks...see what people compliment you on.
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Alright, the best perfume in my eyes is J'ADORE by Christian dior. It's around 115 dollars for the normal bottle. Men love it, it suits alllll the ladies. The fragrance is mesmerizing...its a lil costly ut it is definetly worth it...I only use j'adore and I even have lotions,body washes on j'adore. It's truely the best!
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I have found a new one that I like its by degree its called sexy intrigue. It seems to last all day try it you like it.
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I personally like the sprays at bath and body works. Not only does it smell amazing, but its also cheap. But I would also recommend the Abercrombie and Fitch perfume or the ones from Pink by Victoria's Secret. They all are good.
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A sweet perfume would be "Guess" by Marciano.
Its Guess's new Spring fragrance. Defiantly my favourite!

Another nice fragrance is "Versache"
Its a great scent. Smells awesome on.

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