How Faulty Equipment In A Beauty Salon Should Be Dealt With Under Health And Safety Legislation?


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If the equipment belongs to the owner of the salon, the equipment should be checked regularly and it is the owner's responsibility to make sure all staff should and must check any electrical equipment before they are used.Any faulty equipments in the work place, must be removed, and if it can't, then a NOTICE should be placed on the equipments to prevent any it from being used. The plug on the equipment can also be removed or cut off should any faulty notice falls off. Any hazard products should be kept lock away in safe storage and should be clearly marked saying what the product is, if the product is not clearly marked, then it should not be used.

All new products and equipment should be check first before using. All staff must be trained before using any new equipment or products to ensure it is used correctly.If there are any issues tht has been dealt with, then you must point them out to the owner/boss or manager. It is an offence not to comply with the Health And Safety Act.

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