Can Women With Big Feet Still Be Pretty?


5 Answers

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Anonymous answered
I think big feet on women is sexy
Cocktails McGee Profile
Cocktails McGee answered
My friends gf Maryann pointed out that she had big feet but I had always just thought they were very beautiful feet.  Then when she pointed it out I found that she was correct....but it certainly didn't change my opinion of how beautiful her or her feet are.
Lady D Bell Profile
Lady D Bell answered
Yes a women with big feet can still be pretty.
Mike not saying my last name Profile
Yup, Big feet are a plus for me.
Jeremy Cairns Profile
Jeremy Cairns answered
Yes, women with big feet can still be pretty. Big feet shouldn't determine your overall appearance. Jackie Onassis (JFK's wife) had size 10 feet and she was considered a fashion Icon. Tiny Meg Ryan has size 9 feet. Those are practically flippers on her and she is beautiful.

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