Can girls with small lips and small eyes be Beautiful? It seems like only big eyes and lips are.


6 Answers

Guy BOB Profile
Guy BOB answered
I say, if you are a nice loving person, you are automatically beautiful. Also, remember that we are all beautiful in our own way. To be honest, I actually like girls features small.
Keiko Deranski Profile
Keiko Deranski answered
No, maybe some people like girl with bigger eyes and lips. But there are many celebrities with small eyes and lips.
Umesh umesh Profile
Umesh umesh answered
Yes they are beautiful
seni joral Profile
seni joral answered
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.. It does not matter what your physical appearance is. Its your personality and your heart that makes you beautiful
Fernando Bonilla Profile
The beauty comes from the soul. How good is to have a pretty woman if she does not have good feelings and is not smart to even have a conversation with her. There is not a perfect person in the world but sometimes what we think is not attractive to you may be the reason your boyfriend may be attracted to you. Just be yourself love yourself as you are and people will be in love with you.

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