Dress My Age


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emma louise answered
Your young! Dress casual and smart, look at what people your age is wearing your soon get it :D

don't dress with skirts down to your ankles ect and don't wear skirts up to your ass!!

You have to find a sophisticated trendy look

to do this find out your body shape and go on what not to wear!! They will help you

just keep an eye out for whats hot and whats not :D wb Ema xxx
Jan Aier Profile
Jan Aier answered
Well. Try for forever 21, you can find some cloth that suit for you.
Suhail Ajmal Profile
Suhail Ajmal answered
You can dress up anything which you would think fit to you. The fashion is different in different countries.  In this age you can wear fast colors and stylish clothes. Click here  to see latest fahions
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Maria E Shetler answered
What I do, is I go to the mall and visit some good stores, and ask for help, the ladies will give some good quantity of cloths, you need to be in the mood to try many cloths, otherwise you will hate it. If you go alone go out of the dresser room and ask the sell woman, how it looks, look yourself in a good mirror and with good light, try to visit 3 or 4 stores per day, and finally you will find the cloths that make you look and FEEL great. They might not be the last fashion cloths, but they will fit you like gloves!! This procedure work for me, everytime I need a change of look, I do it, and it work pretty good! ;)

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