Why Does My Nail Polish Sometimes Get Bubbles In When Its In My Nails?! Its ANNOYING!


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You are most likely shaking the bottle and getting air bubbles in the varnish. Roll it in your hands at a slight angle. Put an undercoat on to help your varnish adhere, two coats of colour and a top coat. Load your brush well come just off the cuticle go up towards it and down in one sweep. Do the sides first and then one sweep down the middle. Do not let the varnish touch your cuticles or skin. Look after your nails and do not treat them like a tool. If you put on another coat of top after three days your varnish should last all week.
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Dehydrate your nail first before using any polish ( bond-aid is my fav, any primer will do) this will work as a base and also help your polish stay on longer.... The Main Point is the way you dry your polish... NEVER wave your hands in attempt to fan them dry lol this causes bubbles, room temp set still for a bit till they are no longer tacky, avoid extreme heat or cold or lots of air ( don't turn fan on high) ..
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ist- never shake the polish up to mix it- always take the bottle and roll it around from hand to hand. This prevents bubbles
2nd- don't dry under heat as in lamps-some people think the hotter the better when it comes to drying the nail- this can cause your polish to bubble
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It can also be if you are in a room that is too humid or you're by a fan that is causing the polish to dry extra fast!
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If you shake bottle before putting on it will give you bubbles you have to do it gently and very slowly so not to get bubbles .
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Because your nail has to much moister. Use aciton, it dry out the nail. Or use a base coat.
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Thats becauz there are air bubbles trapped between the nail polish coat and your nail

try applying a thicker coat

it mite help ;)

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