Is It Safe To Sleep In A Tight Shapewear Bodysuit?


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It's probably safe to sleep in a tight Shapewear bodysuit on occasion, but if you do it regularly, you're putting yourself at risk of some serious health problems.

What's Dangerous About Sleeping In Tight Or Restrictive Clothing?
For a start, you're putting your organs under a lot of pressure. You're also restricting the blood flow, which can mean that certain organs aren't getting the oxygenated supply of blood that they need to work properly.

On a slightly less serious note, you're going to wake up really sweaty and itchy if you sleep in tight clothing. This can lead to skin conditions and bad smells, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Other complications of sleeping in tight clothing include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Thrush
  • Muscle pain
Besides, it's so much more comfortable to sleep in loose clothes (or none at at all)!

If you want to sleep in a Shapewear bodysuit because you want to look slimmer, then you'll probably be disappointed by the results; bodysuits aren't usually tight enough to cause any permanent change to your figure.
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Well, I wear a corset to bed and it has worked wonders on my figure.

I wear a tightly-laced waist cinch at night to sleep in, and after about a year it has helped me reduce my waist size so instead of being 34-in, now I have a 24-in waist with it or a 28-in waist without it. 

So, having done it for over a year, I would say it is definitely safe to sleep in tight clothes.
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Whatever makes you happy is okay.
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My question is about the health and safety of this garment while sleeping, not one about being happy.
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Well, I wear loose clothes when I go sleep so that I can sleep comfortably.

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