I want to do something with my love for makeup. I'm really good at stage makeup, and I usually do a creepy doll or a beat up person. I want more ideas, I'm good at horror icons. I'm thinking of doing Jeff the killer. Do you guys have any ideas?


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Sara Lewis answered

There are lots of things you could do if you have a passion for make up. Have you looked into the different courses available in your area? 

I'm not sure where in the world you are, but in London there is even a school dedicated to learning the art of make-up called, unsurprisingly, The London School of Make-Up

A lot of other cities have similar institutions.

The great thing about some of the courses is that they're short, so you don't have to make a long term commitment whilst you're still figuring out what you want to do.

Another cool idea would be to start a YouTube channel. 

Make-up tutorials are huge online, so there should be plenty of people out there who want to watch, but even if there isn't, it could just be a fun thing for you to do for yourself, and a different way to practice you skills. You wouldn't need any fancy equipment, just a camera and a basic editing programme like iMovie.

YouTube has a great community too, so you might find you 'meet' people who have similar interests that you can bounce ideas off.

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