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Pakistan is a developing country. Most of the population is poor and lives in villages. People living in urban areas are educated and prosperous. Use of beauty products depends on class, profession and economic condition, rural population, whether men or women seldom use cosmetics. Most of them do not simply afford, Women make-up their faces only on festivals and wedding. However, in cities the situation is different. Here, men and women both try to maintain their physical beauty. Hair colors and hair tonics are used regularly by both sexes. Ladies belonging to the upper class abundantly use costly imported products.

They match their paints with their hair styles and fantastic dresses. They spend lavishly on keeping their faces and body fit and attractive. Middle class women in cities also use beauty aids frequently. Low class women do not afford and use these luxuries very rarely. However, working ladies of all classes and all professions consider it their right to maintain their physical appearance. They spend a lot of money on their faces and bodies.

Pakistan is an Islamic country. The religious values do not allow Muslim women to use cosmetic frilly particularly in public. But upper class and educated ladies do not abide by these social values. There is a growing awareness their health and bodies. Those who have financial resources use these modern beauty aids without any hesitation.

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