When Was MAC Cosmetics Founded?


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Makeup Art Cosmetics, popularly called M•A•C, refers to a successful brand of cosmetics which was established in the year 1985, set up in Toronto, Canada. Its founders were Frank Toskan who was then a make-up artist in addition to photographer and Frank Angelo, who was then a businessman.

Over the years M•A•C has had several spokespersons and models, the latest being Barbie, which is part of their current (2007) line titled "Barbie Loves MAC".

For quick informative highlights taken from MAC Cosmetic's company's history visit It starts off listing M•A•C's founding and continues until the year 2005 which sates that the M•A•C AIDS Fund succeeded in raising more than 44 million US dollars.
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First of all, when talk about cosmetics starts, it is necessary to understand, what is the main aspect in work with it. And what cosmetics will you use to work with?

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I think, there are a lot of different varieties in the various types of cosmetics. From the organic and natural ones up to not-so-quality ones. And here it is only your choice, if it is better to work with not too cheap, but premium and taking care of every your cell or the others.

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