Does Papaya Clothing Offer Clothes For Plus Size Women?


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Papaya clothing only offers clothes for petite and young girls and does not focus on plus size clothing. This is considered as one of the draw backs of Papaya clothing which is an outlet designed specifically for young girls and only targeting them.

Many women complain they do not find their sizes at Papaya clothing and get really stressed out when they go to their stores when they do not find their sizes feeling very fat and huge. They also get in to complex when they see they are not fitting in the clothes being offered by Papaya clothing.

Plus sized women have curvy figures and large sizes where as at Papaya clothing the styles designed are focused on delicate girls who are very thin and model like. Older women are not a part of the target market at the Papaya clothing; however they can buy accessories such as shoes, bags and also jewelry.

However women should not get frustrated over this that they do not offer plus sized clothes reason being they did not intend to open this line and only wanted to focus on the younger crowd. Business is still working good for the manufacturers of Papaya clothing and they have big plans for expansion in the future.
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Now they do i thought this comment was posted recent but it says two years i dont know where you live but in san dieog california in mission valley center they now have a plus size papaya yayyyy
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I think there is no brand which doesn't manufacture plus size clothes today, it is a must-be option for every clothing company. Plus size models are succesfully walking on the fashion weeks shows, they're welcomed at any decent brand. The diversity of outfits for plus size girls is exciting, just check this fabulous Indian looks .

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Good day. As you know, Jaanuu produces modern scrubs of different styles and colors that will suit any size. So I decided to buy a few sets of clothes for myself. But I'm having trouble sizing. Then I contacted the Jaanuu service center, which is located here, and the consultant kindly helped me decide.

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