Do Men Like It When Women Wear Lipstick?


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Well it depends on a lot of things. Lipstick is usually a friend of any females & it's so normal to see girls wearing lipsticks by different colors, effects & shadow lines, i'm okay to see if a girl wearing lipstick & as generally to me, everyone are beautiful i'll never judge someone or give opinion one someone by wearing lipstick, on the other hand, i'll never tell someone, i don't like lipsticks so don't wear it! I don't have the right to, even if that person be my girlfriend or wife, because using lipstick is a girl's personal desire & preference so it's about if they satisfied with what they doing or not, the rest of it it's my duty to respect it.

But putting make ups has an appropriate style & form, any girl has their own face creation & coloring, so when they use lipsticks in a very appropriate way that match with their make up structure, face, skin & even dressing (while using outfit), so these items add to the girl's beauty (not that natural face is not beautiful) just the effect of what makes up are about. In that path, i'd like it more. Because it sound appropriate, then it's clear the girl knows what she doing.

But in general, i enjoy natural face or at least a very light make up, because, first, too much make up-lipstick will harm that poor sensitive skin & face,  so the girl's health is on the line, then nothing replace the natural beauty that you born with it, also to be honest  nothing replace the natural smell of a girl's face/skin than those make up products, of course there's events that make up kind of get formal & somehow necessary & as i mentioned, that's fine, but personally, too much smell of make up product & lipstick gives me headache.

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Good news about lipsticks that not give you headache anymore! make up is good but it has also limits, too much of it is harmful so yea nothing replace natural beauty at the end! each girl born with a natural make up anyway! but they just need to realize it's worth. thanks so much my friend :) hope you're doing fine as well, you haven't been here for a while, your empty space been reachable & felt. hope things are settled & fine for you. :))
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Some do and some like that natural look. But I'm a woman so that's my best answer.

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