Can I Still Wash My Hand-wash Only Clothes In The Washing Machine On Low?


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I do it all the time as the gentle cycle and have not run into any problems. It is best to follow the care instructions, but I don't like to hand wash clothes.
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You've asked that if you can wash your hand-wash cloths in washing machine. In fact, this is the question many people think about it. And let me tell you some facts about the cloths which are hand wash. You know hand wash means that the cloth is sensitive and washing in the machine those cloths can cause some problems with the cloths. That's why they write on it that it is a hand-wash. If you don't have time, and you want to wash cloths in machine, you can take some necessary steps to keep your cloths save. Though the life of the cloth will be decrease due to this action of yours. But as a result you'd be able to wash the cloths in the machine. I personally have this experience that if the cloths are not very sensitive then they don't get disastrous very soon. They keep their looks and shine for more than one year approximately.
Now you can take the following measures to take care of your cloths. Check your machine that it would not catch the cloth's string so that cloth would not be destroyed. Keep the speed of the machine on a lower pace. Do not wash them for a long time. Use cool water for washing. These are some important points you should keep in mind before you wash your cloths in machine. But as it is suggested by the company, so the best thing is to hand wash them. You can also use the opportunity to wash them in machine.

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