I forgot my clothes in the washing machine for 3 days with the lid open. How can I get rid of that horrid rotting egg / natural gas odor?


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Ahh I can really relate to this - I keep forgetting my clothes in the washing machine too. I guess some habits from your student days die hard!

Anyway, I've read about people using baking powder and vinegar and other stuff like that, but my solution is pretty simple.

I just wash the clothes again on a high wash, for as long as possible, with as much detergent and as many of those weird liquid-gel tabs as I can squeeze into the drum. I then leave the clothes outside to air out and catch some sun for a bit, and stick them into a dryer with plenty of Bounce sheets to finish drying,

I'm sure someone with a bit more expertise than me is going to improve on my advice, but this is a method that's worked for me on a number of occasions.

Maybe if your clothes have been lingering in the machine for a while and have developed some serious mould, then more drastic action will be needed.

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Thanks Kass. Its strange because they don't smell like the typical wet clothing musty smell, they smell really strong like natural gas or something.

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