What Is The Traditional Dress For Italy?


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There is no particular traditional dress for Italy because it only became one united country in the 19th century, so traditional costumes are regional, for example the clothes that gondoliers wear in Venice. You can check out the different costumes on this site:
Traditional costumes for any country are used to express an identity, which is usually specific to an area or a period of history, but they can also be indicative of social, religious or even marital status. There are usually two different forms of traditional dress: The everyday versions and those that are worn for festivals and on formal occasions.

Around the, time of the French Revolution there was great unrest through much of Europe, and there came a time of romantic nationalism where peasants were idealized as what was real and natural within a country (even Marie Antoinette was known to wear the costume of a shepherdess - though you can guarantee that the only sheep that she encountered had all been washed and scrubbed as befits meeting the Queen of France!).

This meant that the clothing of peasants became idealized as well and so evolved into what was thought of as 'typical', and soon became romanticized and made into the emblem that typified the area.

Nowadays, these costumes are often worn during celebrations and other special events to indicate patriotism and an affinity with each other, particularly when those occasions are connected to cultural heritage.

In some countries, traditional costumes are worn because the law demands it. An instance of this is Bhutan, where the traditional Tibetan clothes of gho and kera are demanded for men, and the kira and toego must be worn by women, regardless of whether the people wearing them are of Tibetan heritage or not.
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Italy is a country which is located in Southern Europe. It has its neighbors as France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

The culture of Italy is a blend of European as well as Etruscans and Roman Culture. So, its traditional dress is also a mixture of many cultures.

The Traditional Women's dress in Italy consists of a long ankle length frock which is very wide in size. This is accompanies by a tight bodice with a small waist coat at the top. Women usually wear caps or head veils with it.

On the other hand, the traditional dress of men in Italy consists of tight pants with long boots. Th pants are tucked inside the shoes. The shirt has a tight waist coat at the top along with a cap to dress. You can see pictures here.
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Its a black boob tube
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It is a white dress with a belt in the middle with a headband
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Skinny jeans, high heels or converse all stars, a jay jays top and a sequin jacket and a michael jackson hat and glove
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It is very close to the traditional Arab clothing for men as well as for women. See here a link of photos of their traditional dresses. Click here:

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